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Steppenwolf - Rock me - 1969

Original Footage Smothers Brother Comedy Hour 1969

It was released on their 1969 album At Your Birthday Party. It was written by the band's lead singer John Kay, and was the band's fifth American single release. The association with Grusin came as he was scoring the 1968 psychedelic sex farce movie Candy, where it is the culmination to the soundtrack.

The single, produced by Gabriel Mekler, was released in 1969 and backed with "Jupiter's Child", peaking at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 on April 19, 1969. It was Cashbox's top debut the week of March 1, 1969. The song is considered the highlight of the album though it had been released for the soundtrack well ahead of the album.

The song followed on the heels of the band's two 1968 hits, "Born to Be Wild" which peaked at #2 and "Magic Carpet Ride" which peaked at #3.


She asked me maybe

I would share her sorrow

About the men that tried to treat her wrong

Though just a baby

A waiting her tomorrow

It's rock me baby, rock me baby

All night long

She needs an answer to her confusion

someone to guide her with tenderness

But if she's asking for a solution

All that she gets

You know it's something like this

Don't know where we come from

Don't know where we're going to

But if all of this should have a reason

We would be the last to know

So let's just hope there is a promised land

Hang on 'till then as best you can

Everybody's ills you know it

Fills her with compassion

That's why she tries

To save the world alone

She helps the needy in her own fashion

And tries to give them all her own

Rock me baby, rock me baby

All night long

Songwriters: Mc Kinley Morganfield

Rock me lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


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