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Montrose - I Got the Fire

(Montrose - I Got the Fire HQ Sound from Paper Money)

The song was originally released by Montrose on their 1974 Paper Money album. The guitar solo was the result of a fortunate accident. As AllMusic noted, it was the result of "a studio screwup which resulted in the bottom-heavy reverberating noise in its intro." The song was one of the last the band recorded with original vocalist Sammy Hagar before he left Montrose to start a solo career.

Ronald Douglas Montrose (November 29, 1947 – March 3, 2012) was an American rock guitarist, who led the bands Montrose (1973-77 & 1987) and Gamma (1979-83 & 2000) and also performed and did session work with a variety of musicians, including Van Morrison (1971–72), Herbie Hancock (1971), Beaver & Krause (1971), Boz Scaggs (1971), Edgar Winter (1972 & 1996), Gary Wright (1975), The Beau Brummels (1975), Dan Hartman (1976), Tony Williams (1978), The Neville Brothers (1987), Marc Bonilla (1991 & 1993) and Sammy Hagar (1997). The first Montrose album was often cited as "America's answer to Led Zeppelin and Ronnie Montrose was often referred to as one of the most influential guitarists in American hard rock.

(Warner's promo reel for Paper Money. It's filmed live off the floor at the Sausalito Record Plant during the Paper Money sessions)


If you're lookin' for someone that you can keep

Well, baby pass me by

And if you want something that's twenty years deep

Baby, don't even try

But if you want someone to take your soul

Maybe lift you a little bit higher...

I got the fire

Just 'cause I'm skinny, don't you sell me cheap

I'm as long as a country mile

Well some like it wide and some like it deep

And guess which one's my style!

If you think you can beat me at my own game

Well baby, I say you're a liar

Well, I got the fire

I got the fire

Oh Yeah


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