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Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards Jam

Chuck Berry - Guitar, vocals

Eric Clapton - Guitar

Keith Richards - Guitar

Steve Jordan - Drums

Johnnie Johnson - Piano

Chuck Leavell - Organ

Joey Spampinato - Bass

Keith Richards and Eric Clapton once traded solos on an extended “Johnny B. Goode” (top---the video and sound go out of sync, making for a slightly surreal viewing experience.) Berry seemed to soak it up as much as they did. Further up, see a boyishly happy John Lennon play “Johnny B. Goode” with Berry on The Mike Douglas Show in 1972. Lennon understood why Berry was so influential not only as a guitarist but as a songwriter. He wrote “good lyrics and intelligent lyrics in the 1950s when people were singing 'Oh baby, I love you so.’ It was people like him that influenced our generation to try and make sense out of the songs rather than just sing ‘do wa diddy.’” Though Lennon did his share of that.

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