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AC/DC - "Riff Raff" - Live at Apollo Theatre, Scotland 1978

Riff Raff is the fourth track on the album Powerage. A live performance of the song was recorded in the Apollo Theatre in Scotland and it is the first track of the live album If You Wan't Blood You've Got It. The live performance of Riff Raff in the Apollo Theatre was also filmed in 1978 and released on the DVD Family Jewels in 2005.

Powerage is the fifth studio album by Australian hard rock band AC/DC. It was the band's fourth studio album released internationally and the fifth to be released in Australia. It was the first AC/DC album to feature Cliff Williams on bass, and it was also the first AC/DC album not to have a title track (aside from the Australia-only High Voltage album).


See it on television every day

Hear it on the radio

It ain't humid but it sure is hot

Down in Mexico

Boss man tryin' to tell me

Beginnin' of the end

Sayin' it'll bend me

Too late my friend

Riff raff

It's good for a laugh

Riff raff

Laugh yourself in half

Now I'm the kind of guy that keeps his big mouth shut

It don't bother me

Somebody kickin' me when I'm up

Leaves me in misery

I never shot nobody

Don't even carry a gun

I ain't doin' nothin' wrong

I'm just havin' fun

Riff raff

It's good for a laugh

Riff raff

Laugh yourself in half

Songwriters: Ronald Belford Scott / Angus Mckinnon Young / Malcolm Mitchell Young

Riff Raff lyrics © BMG Rights Management


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